Margot, Fort Greene

3 minutes


69 Lafayette Ave

Brooklyn, NYC

Dinner -Mon-Sat / Lunch -Sunday



By Elien Blue Becque

Margot is a good date spot, whether it's a date with girlfriends, the person you're sleeping with, or hope to be sleeping with--the atmosphere is a convivial, welcome refuge on a cold, rainy night and a just-effervescent-enough scene. TL;DR it's nice, go.

On a recent visit, the mushrooms arrived in a cute pot, were cooked pleasantly (if a bit small to be wholly satisfying in the way mushrooms can be) the steak looked lovely and was described by my omnivore friends as "tender and flavorful" and "juicy." The bread and butter to begin the meal was both chewy and light in the way that one always hopes, anyway, that the Bread For the Table will be, and the scarlet runner beans were a gorgeous standout; plump and meaty and cooked with a beautiful, flavorful jus in the bottom of the bowl that was perfect for soaking the bread. The only slight disappointment was a salad of asparagus that arrived first with the bread; the tender shoots has a curious, limpid feel and a slightly charred look, but not a charred taste. It wasn't apparent if the dressing was some sort of egg, but it was almost flavorless nonetheless--the whole thing needed asparagus with its personality retained and quite a bit more acid, pepper and salt. But also, we really don't care and we don't hold it against them; the conversation was good and the orange wine was tangy with good body and the red we had was jewel-toned on the tongue, delicate, smooth and elegant, all in a light-medium body.

The only note to actually note was the service; very enthusiastic in a breathy, slightly manic way--from start--arrival, removing of the coats, finding of the coat rack--to finish. We appreciate a gung ho attitude about a menu and a dining experience, but this was just over the top enough, paired with a rushed-feeling, many check ins and dropping of checks and etc. and etc., to be distracting and a tiny bit strange. Just a little though. Would return! Would not order the asparagus.